Couette & Nature is guided by deep rooted values and principles that make it a model in terms of processing silk and activated bamboo charcoal to create products that play a key role in improving the quality of your sleep and ensuring thermal control during all phases of sleep.

It’s no coincidence that the quality of padding materials, cotton or silk covers, finishing processes and packaging are a top priority. We offer products of impeccable design and production quality.

Couette & Nature relies on tradition, a distribution network par excellence, quality control, natural processes and innovation to contribute to the success of its business and to that of the bedding industry.

That’s why Couette & Nature is present at every step of production of its collections: from the start of processing to distribution of the finished products, including quality control, customer relations, and standing by its guarantees.

Values and Principles

  • Apply sustainable development principles
  • Be innovative while respecting traditions
  • Be respectful of customers by providing products of the highest quality
  • Ensure consistent distribution
  • Meet delivery deadlines
  • Make natural bedding products a top priority
  • Be bedding product ambassadors

Couette & Nature fosters its relationships with its distributors/resellers

  • By developing innovative products that respect traditions
  • By caring about its image and the appearance of its products
  • By expanding the horizons of the bedding product industry
  • By conducting rigorous quality control
  • By providing inventory
  • By remaining attentive to its customers