Comforters go green…

Our bamboo carbon comforters are made with an environmentally friendly treatment* of a synthetic fiber with active bamboo carbon which differentiates our comforters from other common synthetic comforters.

Active bamboo charcoal

Our comforters are made with very fine active bamboo carbon that is integrated to polyester’s molecular structure and offers the following benefits:

1/ Heat absorption and odor neutralization

Active bamboo carbon has a great absorption capacity, since its structure made of an infinite number of micro pores regulates the level of humidity, which creates a very pleasant, regulated atmosphere while you sleep.

Carbon neutralizes odors like cigarette smoke and body odors, sometimes caused by taking medication…

2/ Antibacterial

Linen made of fiber treated with active bamboo carbon “cleans itself”. Indeed, the odor absorption and humidity regulation processes prevent bacteria from developing.

3/ Infrared and negatively-charged ion creation

Fiber treated with active bamboo carbon has the capability of returning the infrared created by the human body and therefore adjusting blood flow in the skin’s capillary vessel.

The most important benefit is that active bamboo carbon creates beneficial negatively-charged ions which help you relax while you sleep.

*  Winner of the innovation prize in the linen category of the Equip Hotel trade show

What is bamboo charcoal?

Active bamboo carbon is bamboo that has been burnt using a pyrolysis system. It then turns into something which resembles carbon and is crushed to created a fine powder which is then integrated to the polyester’s molecular structure.

The structure of bamboo differs from that of wood.

After the pyrolysis process, active bamboo carbon becomes more porous. A greater porosity causes a greater contact area between the charcoal and its surroundings. This gives molecules and water a stronger chance of fixing themselves in the charbon with chemical or electrostatic bonds (also called van der Waals’ force).

This also increases the deodorant, purifying and regulatory properties.

CAUTION: Bamboo fiber comforters!                                                                        

Don’t be fooled by so-called bamboo comforters where only the cover is made of bamboo viscose and the filling is made of regular polyester!!!
Furthermore, bamboo does not exist as a fiber, it is only viscose.